Friday, September 28, 2012

Our strong kids...

Assalamualaikum wbt

Dearest friends and readers,

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya sampai giliran kami untuk menjadi tetamu Allah. Alhamdulillah sgt.. seruan datang, dan kami sahut!

Nevertheless, it is still surreal. Currently, i am struggling with my mother's natural feeling... it is me who is going through separation anxiety...

Sangka baik. Itu je berulang-ulang disebut dalam hati. Sangka baik dengan Allah. Anak-anak ditinggalkan untuk menyahut seruan yang baik, maka insyaAllah segala-galanya akan jadi terbaik.

but, like i said, nevertheless.........

my Muhammad Muaz who will be 5 years in a couple of months..

i know i will miss this cheeky face!

And to tell you the truth, eventhough he is all macho and superman outside, he really is such an adorable, loving and quite manja boy....

a manja boy with lots of expressions! :)

and then, my Nur Amni Nadrah... She's 3 years old.. Nadrah lah yang paling manja. Paling kami risaukan... and insyaAllah, kalu doakan dia akan menjadi paling tabah.

She's so manja... so anak mama, she's a pengawas and all (maybe coz we asyik sebut Nadrah will become Gabenor Bank Negara)... but her hard shell is actually very thin.

her signature "senyum senget" :)

and her new found love for hair clips..

and those boolaatt eyes... it's making me all teary now..

and lastly... oh my so little yet the most active baby.. Nur Amni Iffah who by now got the feeling that we'll be apart for a long time, so she clings to me all the time. and she'll cry whenever i wear tudung...

her signature "Einstein" pose...

and her passion for food.. haha..

but, when time in need, i know she can be a big girl and man up.

Deep down in my heart, i know they'll be fine. They are in good hands.. they are in Allah's hand.
Sangka baik. Make the time leaving them WORTH IT by performing the best HAJI we possible can. Mama and abah loves you guys SOO MUCHH! Be good. Be strong. We'll pray for you guys our hardest.

InsyaAllah. Doakan urusan kami dipermudahkanNya ye.

* we'll be leaving for Mekah on 30th Sept (this sunday). Mohon ampun dan maaf atas segala salah silap. Harap dpt tuntut sekiranya kami ada berhutang. InsyaAllah we'll be back in Malaysia on 18th Nov 2012.

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