Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Menyambut Ramadhan

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah, i feel so blessed because of the opportunity given by the Almighty to be able to face Ramadhan again. Kadang2 aku selalu terfikir, sempat ke nak beraya? sempat ke nak even smpai rumah utk berbuka hari ini? Sesungguhnya mati itu pasti dan sangat hampir dgn kita. However, i am still very lalai and leka. huhu..

Well, we went back to KB for awal ramadhan, at long last all of my siblings is able to gather, it is very hard for all five of us to be at mama's house at the same time, in fact, the last time all of us managed to be together was last four years i think. My little brother was staying at Ireland all this while, he just got back permenantly to Malaysia last July... sbb dia la kitaorg tak dapek berkumpul. sabo je la.

anyway, just a few pictures of me and the family! :)

all my siblings, from left, my eldest bro - abg Man, i call him mat jemang, my sister k da, my little sister amiraud, ME!, and by little brother idik, well he preffer us to call him ammar.

The ones cutting the cake is my father, gosh, he looked so old... huhu.. he's 63 already.

"I also feel that i'm so blessed b'coz a have a very cute n pretty little sister.She is da best sister in da world...She is beutipul,smart,cute.....huhu....she is even beutipul than me.....how lucky am i to have her as my sister???hehe...." <--- my little sister hijack my blog and wrote this herself!!!

the ones holding the plate is idik's wife, she'd 6 mth pregnant so.. takpe la.. nak bergambar sambil makan pun boleh :)

ME and nadrah and err.. tak kenal!..

the girls in my family! hehe..

and lastly my own family!

Wow, i really likes family gathering :) i missed them already. huhu..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

assignment oh assignment


It is already 1.10 am and i am still doing my assignment which was due today! I went to class today and everybody has finished and submitted their 2 pages summary of 4 articles to prof. And i thought the summaries is due next week. Padan muka aku.
So mlm nie aku kena pulun habis-habisan to do the summaries so that i can send it to prof tomorrow. So far dah siap 1, another one is 70% finished. Mona yang sangat baik tlg buatkan 1 summary and wan is supposed to do 1. Hopefully wan buat la, kalu idak, tomorrow terpaksa la aku curi2 buat time office hour. dah la esok half day ajer sbb flight nak balik KB is at 7.20pm.

huhu... sekali lagi, padan muka aku yang selalu berangan dlm kelas :(

Monday, August 17, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt,

As per many have known, our beloved son was tested H1n1 positive following his fever as per my last post. Huhu...

09 Aug 09 : Muaz start having fever on Sunday night

10 Aug 09 : I still sent him to babysitter since the fever is not too high and pagi tu pun dah kebah. igtkan demam biasa.

11 Aug 09 : I took leave since demam Muaz tak baik2 lagi, and we went to the doctor - ubat + antibiotik. Doctor kata kalu by Jumaat pagi tak baik2 lagi, dtg la lagi

12 - 13 Aug 09 : tak baik2 lagi.

14 Aug 09 : Dah Jumaat pagi, so hari nie both me and Suheimy EL. I went to the doctor with Muaz and Suheimy jaga Nadrah kat rumah. Pg klinik, doc terus refer ke az Zahrah to draw blood. She suspect Denggi.

Suheimy bawak Muaz pg Az Zahrah, luckily he insisted on seing the paed (Dr Nik Rose - she's a very good doktor). She did a rapid test on Muaz.

Ptg tu dlm pukul 3.30 Dr Nik Rose called and said Muaz +ve Influenze A. She already called Hospital Putrajaya for admittence since Az Zahrah takde Tamilflu anti Viral.

I remembered looking at Suheimy and he looked at me. We both thought... well, this could be serious.

After solat Asar, I took Muaz to Hospital Putrajaya, leaving Suheimy with the baby. We decided for me to go coz i am already down with fever and it is better if the healthy one took care of Nadrah.

In the ward:

45 minutes the doctors and nurses poke Muaz with needle in order to draw blood and to put IV. 45 MINUTES i listened to him crying and yelling "No..no.. Jangan..Jangan.." and he also pleaded "Jom..jom" means dia ajak balik.

They asked me to wait outside the room. huhu.. He cried until he falls asleep during the procedure. Kesian Muaz, both hands and both feet has needle marks.

Muaz dlm ward. Macam2 toys kitaorg bawak so that dia leka. Kalau tak asyik "jom..jom" ajak balik aje..

FREDOMMM... yeahaa..
We stayed in the ward from Friday to Sunday. Doctor immediately starts him on anti Viral (Tamil flu). Alhamdulillah, demam Muaz kebah. The good doctor called us on Monday telling us the result of Muaz throat swap was positive as H1N1 and if any of our family members has fever or cold, they shd go to hosp for anti Viral. I immediately went the next day.. Alhamdulillah dipermudahkan, Nadrah & Suheimy pun tak demam.

Nadrah latest.. makin bam..bam! :)

We were really2 scared. I remembered the feeling of loosing my twin babies 4 years ago. I don't think I would be able to handle that feeling anymore. Please... no more.

However, as per Suheimy selalu ckp kat aku, semua yang berlaku pasti ada hikmatnya and mudah2an hati ini sentiasa redha dgn segala ujianNya. Ameen.

Thanks to all yang mendoakan kami :)

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Muaz demam

Assalamualaikum wbt,

My baby manja is demam... huhu.. yes, i do sometimes still call him baby manja mama.. hehe... sian Muaz. Well please do doakan Muaz cepat sihat ye. Thanks!