Friday, August 22, 2008

Muaz in the office!

Muaz is in the office! :)

first time muaz naik office aku. Mlm nie abah dia lambat, after maghrib katanya..huhu...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Long Journey

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last weekend is very tiring. We had a very long journey. The journey begins on Thursday after office hour, we drove back to Kuantan - my little brother was in kuantan to visit my sister, i haven't seen him in months since he is staying overseas.

Then on friday around 11.30 am, we got news that my "mok" (my last grandmother - from my family's side) passed away. We hurriedly packed our things and drove to Kota Bharu. Unfortunately we arrive just a little over 1 hour late - tak sempat tgk muka mok utk kali terakhir. *sob*

On sunday our journey continue - going back to KL. Total KM covered in 3.5 days appxmt 1200KM.

*I don't like travelling*

Muaz baru bangun tido in his car seat :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

BBQ @ Kelana Jaya

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last weekend we when to a birthday party of a friend. To an apt (or is it kondo?) @ kelana jaya. I can't remember the apt's name but i really like the atmosphere there, the BBQ was held at the park, and there are lot of cool amenities such as swimming pool (for kids & adult), gym, stores, nice landscape and so on. and i think it is well maintained too.. :)

here is some of the pictures (unfortunately you can't really see the scenery there, more on muaz only :)