Monday, July 18, 2005


Rindu? Macam mana nak describe perasaan rindu ni.. tak dapat nak diukur betapa dalamnya rindu, betapa berat menanggung rindu. Siapa yang pernah rasa rindu, dia shj yang tahu macam mana rasanya. Dan macam mana nak buat sekiranya rindu-rindu tu tak dapat nak dipuaskan, tak dpt nak di lepaskan pada yang dirindui... buleh tension di buatnya kan?

I'm trying my best to channel this rindu feeling, this rindu power, this rindu energy into doing something that can become my ticket to relieve this rindu, to actually express the rindu kepada yang dirindui.

But sometimes, the feeling is so overwhelmed that i just cannot do anything but to sit down and cry. It has been exactly 3 months and 10 days sayang and mama rindu sgt baby mama.

Semoga Allah permudahkan kami utk mendapat Amni lagi. Ameen.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Unsatisfied with your life?

Have it ever occured to you that your life isn't going the way you imagine it would be at your current age?

Have you ever envied your friends that you think have accomplished more in life than you are?

Have you ever look at someone's fotopages and think, why isn't i who is doing that or been there? Why isn't i whose enjoying those things?

Or perhaps when you are looking at a very old, distant friend who already own a nice house and have a very good car, you are thinking what have they done to achieve that? Why am i so unsuccesful??!

Well.. i know i have thought of those kind of questions, i know i have envied some of my friend's success. And when i did, i feel very low of myself, i feel very unmotivated, very low self esteem.

It's time to pick up yourself and look around you! Allah has given you a lot of Nikmat already, You are still alive today aren't you? You still have a place to sleep at night aren't you? You still can freely move your body aren't you? You still can breath easily aren't you? etc..etc..

Despite of what we think we might be lacking of, i sincerely believe there are thousands of things that we can and should be thankful of. Living in Malaysia, born with Islam, born with perfect 5 senses, having a job, having our mind, having our faith, having our hope..

Eventhough some people we think are lucky or perhaps more successful than us in this world, we should always remind ourself to look at the big picture - AKHIRAT. It is akhirat that really matters, what we did today, or what we gather in this world should always because we want to be successfull at akhirat. This should be our main goal. This should be our ultimate goal.

So, don't feel down if we can't buy big houses now, or drive mercedes now, or have a lot of money now, because what really matter is to secure a house in Syurga, to have our ride to Syurga, to earn Allah's love and Rahmat. That is what matters the most.

* Thanks to my beloved husband who always reminded me of this. May we bacome one of those people under Allah's guidance and blessing. Ameen.*