Monday, August 30, 2010

Looking fwd for break-fast

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Today i want to cook for buka puasa
  • ikan senangin masak asam pedas + self grown bendi (ada 6 ketul)
  • Sup sayur sawi + ayam byk2 - kids menu
  • goreng ikan kering talam berlada utk penyedap rasa
  • Lauk top-up beli kat office - sambal tumis ikan bilis + petai

For dessert, i've bought:
  • apple pie - 1 slice
  • roti krim ( teringin punye pasal)
  • mee goreng
Ok tak yang?

Usually in our house, we always ate everything sampai licin - thus the reason why i don't usually masak byk2. selalunya masak just nice for 1 time makan. Next makan time either masak lain or eat outside :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Conversation with Muaz

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Muaz have grown so much, he can now speaks clearly and it is very easy to understand what he said. Alhamdulillah, kurang sgt pelatnya.

This morning he woke up very early - 6.30 am sbb dia bocor. So i bathed him and masa nak pakai baju:

Muaz: Mama, nak baju Ben10
Mama: ok, jap mama amik

I took a sleveless Ben10 t-shirt for him:

Muaz: Mama, baju Ben10 ketiak.  
Mama: Aah, Baju Ben10 sleeveless. :)

Kids are very dynamic and a very fast learner kan? There a many many conversation as simple yet interesting as this with Muaz everyday now. I wish i can jot everything down.. tp tak sempat la... :)

Tak sabar nak tunggu nadrah start cakap. for now her vocab is limited to:
  1. Nak
  2. nanak! (Tak nak)
  3. Bukak
  4. Nah!
  5. mama
  6. abah
  7. adah (Nadrah)
  8. Adek

Monday, August 16, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt,

At looonnggg last, I've managed to finish my MBA. After 3 years of sweat and blood (betul ada blood ok, i beranak 2 org during my master program), akhirnya alhamdulillah, settle. :)

My parents and siblings came to KL for my convo, well actually my parents came for the convo, my siblings came coz mama paksa to celebrate birthday Abah.. hehe...

before the convo, we had family gatherings for birthday abah:

lots of food. my sister yang jadi chef masak nasik minyak, ayam kurma, daging kerutuk, etc etc.

I tolong order kek and buat acar je :)

The convo day:

kecoh coz i did not see the vidoe of how to wear the robe. I did not know it was so complicated! huhu...

my mama and abah - always sedondon + my MIL :)

me and my beloved hubby! kids? hantar bbsitter semua since my session was afternoon + takut depa moody.

That's me! tgh tersengih lebar to Raja Nazri, UM's Pro Chansellor.

It was a great day. Thanks all for the support.. especially to my family and my kids. Hopefully their sacrifices will enable me to make better changes for our family. insyaAllah. :)