Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt

Instance 1:

Nadrah: Mama, nak ceye-ceye 
Mama: ?
Sampai la dia nangis coz i still tak paham2.. huhu. Sian anak mama.
Instance 2:
I like to sing to my kids (ye, anak2 i pasrah dgr my suara yang ala2 merdu nie ;)
Mama: Mama sayang iffah (singing to iffah while holding her)
Nadrah: Mama sayang Nadrah...
* this happens everytime ade perkataan "sayang" in my songs, she will cepat2 ckp "sayang Nadrah"
Ye sayang, mama sayang Nadrah! :) and Muaz and Iffah and of course Abah too.

* ceye- ceye = gula - gula

p/s: can u see Iffah moves in this picture. yes, she can know moves (macam ulat bulu tu) hehe..

Monday, August 22, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

We are not gadget savvy people. by we, i mean i, suheimy is a bit more advance than me :D

the other day Pak Uda (adik suheimy) came to our house for break fast and his 1.5 years old son was playing with ipad. Muaz who really loves playing games  be it "game tv" or "game hanpon" mmg jakun habis tgk ipad tu.

Maka... should we get an ipad too? or the alternatives such as samsung tablet, or viewsonic tablet...

err.. what's the difference actually??? 

 Yang, fya to study ye. beli yang mana lagi murah + tahan lasak blh tak? :)


viewsonic tablet

samsung tablet

p/s: to me, they all looks the same. huhu..

Friday, August 12, 2011

Outdoor potrait: Iffah

Assalamualaikum wbt,

We've made some sort of a family tradition to do outdoor family potrait when our baby reaches 5 months old.

This was the outdoor session with Muaz @ 5 months old

and this is Nadrah @ 5 months old

Now, when iffah turns 5 months old, we did the same thing, but with a bit of twist.

Can you spot the difference? ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

A friend of mine got this from her FB link. Nice to share. Hopefully we'll be able to apply the same to our kids. insyaAllah.

Petua Wardina mendidik anak solat 5 waktu

by Blog Teh Secawan on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 8:46pm
Note yang ditulis oleh Wardina :


Dear Mama, Ummi, Mum, Ibu, Bonda…

I have to share this with you… because i feel so happy and i feel that all my penat lelah paid off…I started to make my Amna to solat 5 times a day when she was 7, on her 7th birthday…we had a talk…(check note lama) tapi preparation since 6 la…

tapi dari kecik memang selalu ikut2 la kami solat….she hasnt missed her solat since. Walaupun lambat, tetap solat. I made sure of that – because the key is SOLAT ni kalau tak tanam dari kecik memang LIAT nanti….But it is very important to keep this in mind:-

1) kalau kita bagi dia tinggal WALAUPUN sekali nanti we are sending the wrong signal – kena make sure – every waktu without fail, walaupun penat, ataupun lambat

2) l Selalu kalau boleh solat together..mula2 memang kena solat together….kalau tak ada rumah make sure an adult in the house pastikan anak kita solat. (hari tu Amna pergi her reading class, i asked her teacher to take her to the surau) -lepas solat time tu lah peluk cium, senyum – i always kiss her at the head and say “Barakallahufiha” Ya Allah make my Amna a good Muslim Ya Allah….make her never miss her solat Ya Allah…..kuat2 bagi dia dengar….

ps:- kalau kena amik cuti ambillah – bukan waktu exam je amik cuti – buatlah STEP ini, yakni melangkah ke alam 7 thaun dan tidak meninggalkan solat A BIG Thing! “mama amik cuti hari ni sebab nak pastikan yang adik solat 5 waktu sehari!”

3) Selalu cerita how IMPORATANT it is to solat..how Allah is watching us… how we are good Muslims when we solat, how Allah loves us, Solat tu, untuk kita, bukan untuk Allah…..TAPI selalu jugak cerita yang akan ada orang TAK solat…acknowledge the fact that sometimes we feel lazy to solat….itu semua kerja SETAN! Fight them off….! I tell Amna that even some grown ups tak solat! I tell Amna that….we have to be strong.. we have to tell ourselves we will NEVER miss our solat…..

4) Awal2 subuh ni memang tak bangunkan, tapi as soon as dia bangun pagi, ill ask her to solat straight away.(yes memang leceh..but we have to, and we have to do it with LOVE diselang seli dgn strictness)

5) kalau dia tinggal – DENGAN sengaja, i take the rotan and hit her on her tapak tangan slowly, just as a reminder. After that i hug her and tell her i love her, and i just want her to remember – and guess what?? memang dia ingat!!! (3 kali baru, i think not bad, sampai satu hari dia terlambat solat, sebab keluar dan memang tak ingat, dia yang suruh rotan) But i tell her kalau TERLUPA atau TERTIDUR its ok…but kena solat terus bila bangun.

Macam ni ceritanya, i told Amna, kalau Ummi ambik Amna dari sekolah lambat, Amna solat dulu Asar kat sekolah….tadi memang datang lambat…i was loking for her..and guess what????

She was actually praying her Asar prayers…sorang je kat dalam surau tu….i wanted to pengsan and cry…she did all by herself…. i pun told her how happy and how proud i was of her…i tanya dia kenapa? dia kata “Amna ingat apa Ummi cakap”…..cair nya hatiku ini.

Apa lagi, Ummi ni peluk cium dia….and called nenek at Australia…now im sharing with all of you!!! Because i want us to raise generation of good Muslims that are disciplined, smart, intelligent -that remembers Allah because the world so BADLY needs good QUALITY Muslims like this!!!

And the foundation is – to start them off right – solat at SEVEN! Yes just as how Rasulullah asked us!I love you all!!! Good night….. But the key to all this IS Mak Ayah KENA dan WAJIB solat dulu…anak ketam tak boleh diajar berjalan terus…fahamkan?

Friday, August 05, 2011

Night activities

Assalamualaikum wbt,

We are one of those families who spent their nights watching TV after a hard day's work. Semalam alhamdulillah got home @ 6pm (kira awal la ni) thus managed to settle most of the chores before berbuka.

So I was a bit free later that nite and managed to grab my camera to snap pictures of the kids - i just want to capture our regular nite activities when the kids is growing up. Just to remember back this good days when i'm older and the kids are bigger later - for sure when they are older, at nite time will be different activities (kena buat homework/ study / spending time alone in their room - teenagers mesti la diff behavior).

So for now, our nites are filled with main lari2, main masak, panjat2 baby cot, main lompat2 atas couch (they never get tired of this activity), main pakai pampers kat mumu and gigi, etc, etc, i'll update the entry once i got pictures of these activities later.

For now, just the picture of kids loitering at our hall. Maybe not loitering la kot since they always have hidden agendas in their activities :)

Muka semua dah mengantuk, except for Iffah who just woke up.. huhu..

Thursday, August 04, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Remember my last entry on Amante? Well now, Amante is offerring a Pedicure Spa treatment (90mins) for only RM28.50!

Yeay! I'm having cracked heels problem now so this offer do come at the right time. :D

Jom! do check out the offer here

What you will get for RM28.50:

A luxurious pedicure spa experience (nearly 90mins) that focuses on the overall well being of your feet, not just nails.