Friday, December 30, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

We bought the kids a kolam. just a small kolam, but really worth the money seeing them sooooo happy playing in there.

i guess the picture would pretty much explained what i meant by "soooooo happy".. for e.g look at Iffah in this picture

and Muaz & Nadrah... pun sama :)

the pool was rm39.90 bought from Jusco... and don't worry, we recycle the water used by kids, buat siram pokok :)

oh, this is another picture that i would like to share, typical night activities during weekdays, after mandi & makan, Muaz would usually be glued to TV, Nadrah and her mumu, Iffah.. well Iffah is attracted to anything around her, in this case, tissue :)

P/s: i was supposed to be beside the bakul and lipat kain! :D

Suheimy would be on the couch reading paper or layan tv with the kids. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nadrah a.k.a Dadeng

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Anak dara saya, Nur Amni Nadrah is a manja doter. She's a bit reserve.We love her to bits. and i know she loves us to bitss too.

Got news from taska TM yesterday, she did not managed to get a place in Taska TM. for the time being i sent her to Taska atas tiket transit, alasan: cuti sekolah, budak kurang + bbsitter tak berapa sihat.

She's so happy in Taska. It would break her heart if we were to sent her back to rumah Mak as, no kawan sebaya. It would break my heart too... huhu..

Dadeng, perhaps you were meant to be in a better preschool kot. we'll find you a taska ye sayang...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Birthday @ Taska

Assaamualaikum wbt,

Celebrated birthday Muaz @ taska yesterday. Mula2 kita promo kek dulu...

Cantik kan Keknya, rase pun sgt sedap! Sila order pada Azlinawati Alias ye.

But since my little hero requested for ultraman kek.. maka, at 3.45pm, the kek transformed into....

haha.. creative tak? :D anyway, the kids loved it! and most importantly my Muaz loved it. And to add to it, Nadrah and Iffah was at taska too that day.. :)

Happy birthday sayang. May you enjoy the kek and the company. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Muaz - 4 years!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Muaz, Momad, Abg Muaz. He's 4 today. Alhamdulillah. He's a great child. Obedient, tend to share, loves his siblings, and brings great joy and ketenangan into our family. I pray that he'll grow up to be a great person, a great leader didunia and akhirat. Ameen.

and lastnite, at 10pm, the kids are charged up and played sakan at taman. We arrieved home quite late - at 8 pm, so i thought everyone was tired since everyone was moody in the car.. but later on seeing them so happy playing together did give relieve and ketenangan in my heart. Alhamdulillah. Content - yep, that's the right word to describe my feelings.

Enjoy the pictures.

Life changing journey..

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah. Managed to finished up my biz blog. Kawan2.. pls visit my biz blog. Appreciate if you can be a follower! This will be my life changing journey! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

This is an overdue entry - sorry guys!

Well, we did a mengejut BBQ session at my house in honor of lina - yang tak pernah dtg to my house lagi.. :)

mengejut in a sense because the date was finalized a day before actual event ye.. but everybody managed to come with delicious menus.. biasala, since the event is held at no bibik venue, maka - wajib potluck! :)

dlm byk2 nie, nasik goreng tu je i prepare ye.. hehe..

The kids had a blast!! don't have to say much, the picture explains all...

inilah mereka2 yang hadir except for Aliza.. mana ntah aliza pg time ni.. thanks ye korang! :)

anak dara aliza nie susah sikit nak posing... mahal hantaran arissa ni nanti kot ;)

and lastly, my anak dara yang jga sibuk melayan guests. takke korang nampak cam iffah tgh cakap "ye ye, jemput masuk, makanan kat belah situ..." :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a fun climb and the top view is great!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Nope, i was not talking about business or life point of view. It is literally about a climbing adventure.

She had to get through a lot before she can start the adventure. There's k Nadrah who likes to follow her, there's a gate, which happens to be opened at that time, and there mama who wanted to take pictures.. haha..

and then there's bags and a bakul that seems nice to selongkar.. but she better moves on, for her aim is to the top! (bak kata Muaz: To the STARRR!!!)

but... what's this?

this she simply can't resist!

anyhow, moving on... she just give me a peek at the second "opening glass frame"..

and lastly... she finally arrived at the top! k nadrah already there, patiently waiting :)

and she's only 9.5 months old. yet to walk, but she already took her 1st step. :)

Usahalah Iffah! Eventhough sakit jantung mama & abah dibuatnya when you first climb the stair, but we are proud of you. :)

and lastly, the ever supportive siblings of Iffah!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Conversation: Nadrah

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I was having dinner with suheimy and heard Nadrah talking to Muaz

Nadrah: Momad, amik tu Momad
Muaz: Abg Muaz la..
Nadrah termenung jap -digesting the info kot...
Nadrah: Abg Muaz, amik tu Momad!

:) * i miss blogging about the kids.. will find more time jotting down about them!.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dah besar

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Iffah is 8 mths plus. but dia dah macam budak besar

1. suka duduk mcm antara 2 sujud

ni tgh makan, dia akan freeze in this pose until habis makanan kat tangan ye..

2. dah minum susu sendiri (still my EBM ye)

3. yang paling hebat, dia dah boleh berdiri sendiri lama + sambil bengkok2 lutut pun steady lagi. But still belum melangkah. it's ok iffah, you can take your time!  :)

and lastly gambar anak2 kami yang bile main mmg kekadang hover the rainbow! :D

p/s: this entry is dedicated to abah whose away in Singapore now. i know you miss us. Balik cepat ye yang.

Nadrah keeps on asking "Abah mana?".
Muaz: "kenapa abah pg opis yang jauh sgt tu?"
Iffah: she sleeps on your side of the bed now, refuse to sleep at her usual side.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

NENA (N)ew (E)ntrepreneurs (N)eeding (A)dvise

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I love this! Read up people. :)

*you can go to the original entry blog by Mr Yazdi by clicking on the title

The Story of NENA (For entrepreneurs in distress)

Last night I read a posting on one of my participant's site; it shook me to the core. It was about how her daughter of 10 years old, sold her favorite Angry Bird toy and gave all the money to her mom to help make ends meet, accompanied by a piece of note.

I was so touched and inspired by the little child's act that I decided to do two things:

One - I am creating a program within ElixirEducate which I am naming NENA, after the blessed child (the mom is blessed to for having such child). NENA stands for (N)ew (E)ntrepreneurs (N)eeding (A)dvise. And this would apply to all those who were forced into entrepreneurship out of necessity or hardship; that would include single parents, laid-offs, homeless and the poor at home. And what it means that I will give coaching at heavily subsidised rates (I will not cheapen it by disclosing further) and you only pay when you have - later, when you make the money from your business. I do not want a single cent until you are successful. (But please bear in mind that I cannot help everyone until I get more volunteers).

Two - I am going to give this advise for those who are forced into entrepreneurship out of necessity rather than choice.

1.Don't tell yourself to be positive, instead KNOW that the Almighty has decided to give you the best gift in life, entrepreneurship. It is a field that even religion regard as the 9 out of 10 doors of fortune. There is no doubt about this.

2.Have faith that the Al-Mighty have the power to change your situation and make it better. For Muslims, pray and ask from Allah and don't be vague - be specific. Remember and know that mightiness of the AL-Mighty is beyond your comprehension and his knowledge and generosity is beyond what your human mind can conceive. Rezeki is not determined by your boss, your company or your project - Even their 'rezeki' is determined by Allah; so ask yourself who have been you REALLY been asking rezeki from all this while?

3.Read and find the book, La Tahzan (Don't be Sad, Jangan Bersedih). It has helped me and millions other really pick ourselves up. Ask any bookstore or go to the library. Find it now.

4.Know that your universe is about to change and be proud with yourself (proud, not arrogant). Prepare yourself for the change and open your eyes wide of the possibilities. Walk tall; for the final determinant is the Al-Mighty Allah. LITERALLY walk tall, as you are reading this, sit straighter! Get up and stand taller, lift your shoulder and open up your chest. Try it now. You will feel stronger. Now DON'T change that posture.

5.Have a dialog with yourself. Go to a mirror or even a puddle of water and see your reflection. Tell that person, "form now on, you and me, together we will change our fate, our destiny. Together we are going to make a fortune and help others who are like us. Let's DO THIS".

6.In business, mental toughness is a MUST and the real KEY to success. Enlist all help to do this but the first help must be from the Al-Mighty, from God. How? Pray, even if you have not prayed for the last 30 year, pick up a clean towel, lay it down, find a general direction of the Kaabah and pray. Allah is the best of judge and the most knowledgeable and he KNOWS your imperfections. I strongly suggest that you pray NOW. Break from reading this and go pray, two rakaah will do. I am going to do my Solah Dhuna now.

7.See, less than 10 minutes. Next is to take action. Prayers is not likely will land gold at your feet (anything possible with Allah though), mostly it will be answered through your actions. You are not dead yet. So let's get cracking.

8.Before starting anything, improve yourself first. Make yourself more productive. Sleep half and hour earlier than usual but wake up an hour earlier. After Prayer and reciting surah Waqiah, READ. READ about your trade, your product and your business. If you have the internet that is great, rather than spending that time lamenting your state in a chatroom, browse and search for information. Spend at least forty five minutes READING and listening to instructional videos on Youtube. I do that everyday. Do it before the kids wake up.

9.Then list the things you need to do that day. When you do not have money, time is your most important resource. Plan it properly and get more things done within that day. Any free time? READ!

10.Get help. Find a business coach or a friend who has been in business and ask for advise. Don't be afraid that a business coach might be expensive, just go to them and tell them your situation and I GUARANTEE that any GOOD BUSINESS COACH will be more interested to help you rather than the money. A good business coach also believes that Allah decides his rezeki, not from you and your fees.

11.Find out your strengths and weaknesses (a friend or coach can help) and what is your product and value proposition that you can offer? It could be anything, Serunding Sambal to your mom's favorite recipe. Find someone who can give you a good picture and plan on how to make money.

12.DO NOT INVEST in anything that guarantees return and ask you to do nothing (except maybe get more investors). YOU WILL LOSE MONEY. Money never makes money, only you do. Spend wisely. Spend to be actionable.

13.Genuine Multi-Level-Marketing is a good business to go into for a start. You can gather income steadily by using genuine and honest tactics. Do not manipulate and lie to get customers as words will get around and soon no one will want to see or buy anything from you.

14.If you have a product of your own - go out and sell it. Products are never perfect first round so don't wait for it to be perfect but make sure you continuously improve them. Be honest with your customers; they will buy something with 60% perfection level.

15.Be humble and smile always. Life has thrown a spanner so being humble should be easy for you. Be humble and smile - that always got me jobs. Humble, NOT PITIFUL. Do not slouch or look sad, humble is being proud at what you are doing but nor arrogant.

16.Focus, Focus, Focus...

17.If you have a family - they are your sources of strength. Do not worry for their rezeki is in the hands of Allah too. Not all is on your shoulder. Allah will take care of them too. Hug your child/spouse with smile and vigour. Tears are okay once in a while, but most effective when in prayers (that means you too, menfolks).

18.Help others whenever you can in whatever way you can.

I have no intention of making this into a spam but please do forward this to someone who you know would benefit from this advise, share this on your FB. It could be your family member, your friend or your next door neighbor. Don't spam it, send it to someone who needs this and may Allah reward you for your kindness.

Work Smart People

The Author is the principal of ElixirEducate - a training house for Smart Entrepreneur Program Series. He was an international investment banker, corporate financier and now serial entrepreneur and business coach. You can find more information on ElixirEducate on their facebook page, here. And be a facebook friend of Yazdi . Please share this information with your entrepreneur friend who may benefit from this post. They could be an existing entrepreneur or someone who plans to start a business. You can also join the growing business network of Entrepreneurs in Malaysia by joining this group. Thank you.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

This entry was few weeks overdue. Suheimy was on leave that day to attend some family business. When i got home from work with the kids... this was on my dining table! :)

Lily in vase, a card and dinner already cooked and served on the table! all done by my ensem, the bestest in the world hubby! :)

That was a wonderful suprise sayang. Thanks! :)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

@home with my girls

Assalamualaikum wbt,

It's been quite sometime. Well, been busy with the kids and mu new passion ;)

I am with iffah and nadrah @ home now. Mak as tetiba nak cuti hari ni, nak pg amik ic katanya.
I really don't mind since she rarely mintak cuti.

I feel really happy being at home with the kids, i really2 want to become WFHM or do they call it mumtrepenuer now?

I wanna upload pics of the kids, they've been very cooperative models..haha. But ipad dont have card reader. Sabo je la.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

takde gigi

assalamualaikum wbt,

i was browsing old entries, then i found this picture of Muaz. have got to share again sbb cuuutteee sgt! he's around 9 months when this picture was taken :D


Assalamualaikum wbt,

I really am glad that i have a blog. Loves to browse at old entries and it read back :)

Kids, when you grow up, i'm gonna make you guys sits in front of the laptop (or perhaps we can access blog via our TV at that time) and force you all to go through each of my blog entries starting from way back in 2005.. A compulsory family time! Nanti kita enforce ye yang.. :)

*missing you guys so much*

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

more conversation

Assalamualaikum wbt,

at school (which is actually taska), they do celebrate birthdays. Just a simple celebration where the besday person cuts cake and other friends sing's besday song.

the lyric of the birthday song:

Happy birthday to you x 3
Happy birthday to name
How old are you now x 2

Muaz will always correct me with:

Muaz: salah la mama, how old are you yes!


Monday, October 17, 2011


Assalamualaikum wbt,

This is Nadrah and her innocent face. :)

Mama loves you! banyak sgt! :)

8 months old Iffah

Assalamualaikum wbt,

this is my first overseas outstation. I am in Hanoi. alone. bored. and missing my family so much. huhu..

anyway, got an SD card in my laptop and found iffah's piture.

in just 8 months.. she's a big girl now.

alhamdulillah. hopefully she'll be blessed with health and iman.

Friday, October 14, 2011


Please spent sometime reading this. I;ve google up the school and it is genuine.

You may also refer to this link is you want to see pictures.


Ini Izam. Sebabnya saya tak letak nama penuh dan terpaksa memozekkan wajahnya adalah kerana janji saya pada bapanya (kejap lagi saya terangkan).

Umurnya 10 tahun. Beberapa bulan lalu, dia ditangkap bersama-sama abangnya yg berumur 12 tahun dan sEorang lagi kawan -mencuri meja sekolah. Meja tu bahagian tepinya diperkukuhkan dgn besi. Bahagian besi tulah yg dijual kepada pembeli besi buruk utk RM3.

Kenapa? Sebab nak beli beras.

“Kami lapar sgt,” kata mereka.

“Saya tak sampai hati nak hukum diorang bila dpt tangkap,” kata Ustazah Norazainah. Beliau telah mengajar di KAFA Integrasi Al-Insaniah sejak 2004. Malahan dia dan seorang guru lain yang bertanggungjawab menubuhkan sekolah itu di tgh2 kawasan PPRT (Projek Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin) Lembah Subang.

“Sekolah kami ni mmg selalu kena pecah masuk, barang2 dirosakkan dan dicuri. Mmg frust betul sbb kami kumpul duit utk kemudahan sekolah ni dgn titik peluh sendiri. Bila dpt tahu yg pelajar kami sendiri yg mencuri, mmg sedih. Bila tahu kenapa, Tuhan sajalah yg tahu perasaan ni.”

Dari nak dihukum akhirnya ditolong. Ustazah Zainah meminta Izam dan abangnya membawa beliau ke rumah mereka.

Runtun hatinya melihat keadaan tempat tinggal mereka. Izam punyai lima adik beradik. Mereka tinggal di sebuah unit flat yg keadaannya amat daif bersama2 bapa mereka, yg tiada di rumah ketika lawatan itu. Si bapa sibuk mencari rezeki di tepian Jalan Masjid India, menjual alat permainan.

Ibu mereka masih hidup, namun telah lama meninggalkan mereka. Tak sanggup menanggung keadaan hidup sedemikian, begitulah yg diceritakan kepada Ustazah Zainah.

Ketika beliau masuk, ternampak adik-beradik yg lain sedang duduk di atas lantai, sambil menjamah nasi kosong di dalam talam. Yg bongsu umurnya empat tahun. Badannya kelihatan lesu, lagaknya pasif, menurut Ustazah Zainah. Mungkin kerana terlalu lapar, mungkin kerana kurang nutrisi, mungkin kerana penyakit yg tidak kita ketahui.

Guru Besar sekolah, Ustazah Hawa, menceritakan pada saya tentang usaha mereka meminta kebenaran si bapa untuk menjaga dan membela nasib yg bongsu dan si kakak yang umurnya belasan tahun, namun tidak diizinkan. Mereka mati akal, tak tau mcm mana nak sampaikan pertolongan.

Izam dan abangnya tiada surat beranak. Jadi, tak dapat pergi sekolah kebangsaan. Kakaknya yang berusia 13 tahun dpt ke sekolah menengah, namun terpaksa juga menjaga yg bongsu ketika bapanya tiada di rumah. Tapi selalunya, Izam yg menjaga adik-adiknya ketika yang lain ke sekolah dan bapanya bekerja.

Pertama kali kami bertemu, Izam senyap dan sugul. Baju sekolahnya comot dan berdaki. Katanya dia memakai baju yg sama setiap hari. Baju itu dibasuh di hujung minggu.

Kami bersembang. Katanya, matapelajaran kegemarannya Jawi. Saya minta dia tuliskan namanya di atas sekeping kertas. Dia dapat menulis (dalam tulisan Rumi). Ini sebenarnya mengkagumkan kerana dia tak pernah ke sekolah.

Saya tanya apa yang dimakannya ketika sarapan pagi tadi.

Tak makan, jawabnya.

Sebelum ke KAFA?

Tak makan.

Saya terdiam, sambil memandang pinggan berisi goreng pisang di hadapan kami.

“Jadi.. ni baru Izam nak makan?”

Dia mengangguk.

Kata Izam, kadang-kadang dia tak lapar, sbb dah biasa.

Ya Allah. Saya tak dpt bayangkan apa yg dilalui anak ini setiap hari.

Saya tanya, Izam nak ke sekolah? Sekolah yg saya maksudkan ialah sekolah kebangsaan.

Wajah Izam serta-merta berubah. Ceria. Tersenyum. Senyuman yg penuh harapan.

Ustazah Zainah bertanyakan saya sama ada nak melawat rumah Izam. Saya setuju.

Sesampainya di sana, kami dapati bapanya tiada di rumah. Beliau di surau, menunaikan solat Asar berjemaah. Namun anak perempuannya telah diarah agar tidak membenarkan sesiapa masuk ke rumah, melainkan keluarga. Tapi, kalau saya nak masuk pun, mmg takda masalah. Tombol pintunya hilang. Yang ada hanyalah sehelai kain buruk yg digunakan utk menutup lubang tombol dan menyelak pintu.

Kami menghormati permintaan si bapa dan menunggu di luar. Bila beliau tiba, dia meminta maaf kerana tidak dpt membenarkan kami masuk.

“Saya buat begini bukanlah sebab saya sombong, tapi Cik kan dah tahu keadaan rumah saya, sgt daif. Saya malu nak bagi masuk. Bimbang boleh dijadikan fitnah,” katanya.

Beliau kurang selesa dgn kehadiran saya. Katanya sungguh pun mereka hidup dalam kemiskinan tegar, mereka bukannya pengemis. Beliau tak mahu media dtg ke rumah, merakamkan kedaifan hidup mereka dengan kamera video, menceritakan pada org ramai tentang kesedihan mereka. Beliau jengkel dengan mereka yang meratapi nasib di dalam TV, dengan air mata bercucuran, ditatap umum.

Saya berjanji tidak akan mengambil gambarnya dan tempat tinggalnya, atau mendedahkan identitinya di media. Namun saya tetap akan menceritakan kisah mereka, cuma bukan dgn cara yg tidak dikehendakinya. Saya di situ bukannya atas dasar mencari berita, tapi atas dasar kemanusiaan, kerana saya juga seorang ibu, punyai naluri kasih sayang pada anak2.

Saya dan Ustazah Zainah berusaha memujuknya membenarkan sekolah itu menjaga si bongsu dan anak perempuannya di siang hari, agar beliau mudah mencari rezeki atau mencari punca pendapatan yg lebih baik. Namun beliau kurang yakin dgn cadangan kami. Katanya, kalau dia ke kerja awal pagi, siapa yg akan menyiapkan anak2? Memasak utk mereka?

Cadangan Ustazah Zainah itu sebenarnya amatlah praktikal. Si bongsu akan dimasukkan ke program taska mereka pada waktu pagi, dan Ustazah sendiri akan menjaganya di sekolah selepas habis taska, sehinggalah si kakak atau bapa balik. Namun cadangan itu tetap ditolak.

Si bapa seolah2 gembira menerima kemiskinan ini sebagai taqdir yg akan merapatkan lagi hubungannya dengan Rasulullah s.a.w. Saya berkata kepadanya bahawa ramai para Sahabat alaihissalam yang juga kaya, dan mereka juga amat rapat dan dicintai Rasulullah s.a.w.

Sebelum kita menuduh beliau menggunakan agama sebagai alasan kemiskinannya, harus juga kita ingat yg beliau seorang lelaki. Ego lelaki itu cukup kuat utk membuatkan beliau menafikan kesempitan hidupnya.

Saya mmg kagum dgn dedikasinya menjaga anak2 setelah ditinggalkan isteri. Tidak mudah dilakukan, tidak ramai sanggup melakukan. Namun realitinya adalah budak2 itu tetap lapar, dan telah pun mencuri akibat kelaparan. Mereka perlukan pendidikan utk membebaskan diri dari cengkaman kemiskinan. Si bapa itu sendiri mengaku, Izam sering menyuarakan keinginannya utk ke sekolah, dan mengadu dirinya seperti diperlekehkan rakan2nya yg seronok ke sekolah ketika dia terperuk di rumah.

Kami menawarkan pertolongan mendapatkan surat beranak utk anak2 itu, tapi balasnya “Buat apa? Dia sudah darjah 3..tidak ketinggalankah dia?”

Tidak, kata kami. Kami terus memujuk. Saya kata anaknya bijak, sgt berminat belajar. Sebenarnya, ramai pelajar sekolah itu yg sememangnya bijak walaupun dikongkong kemiskinan dan kelaparan. Cuma, mereka tak berpeluang mendapat kehidupan lebih baik.

Bapa Izam berkata beliau malu anak2 nya ke sekolah KAFA itu tanpa membayar yuran, kerana beliau tak mampu. Ustazah Zainah kata takpa, asalkan mereka dtg.

“Takkanlah saya tak bagi budak2 ni dtg..ini ilmu akhirat. Tanggungjawab saya nak mendidik mereka, dtg sajalah, takpe,” rayunya.

Di sini saya nak terus terang mengatakan bahawa walaupun ibu kepada budak2 ni org Malaysia, bapanya ini kemungkinan warga Indonesia. Pelatnya sukar dilindung. Terdahulu, saya pernah ditegur seseorang yg tak puas hati saya menolong pelajar miskin, yg bukan semuanya dari org Malaysia. Saya rasa komen mcm ni tak perlu. Bukankah dia tetap manusia? Bukankah budak2 ni, tetap budak2? Mereka berhak mendapatkan hak asasi seperti makanan, tempat tinggal dan pendidikan. Dan kita semua sesama Islam. Yg membezakan antara kita, taqwa. Itu saja yg perlu kita ingat.

Guru2 di KAFA Al-Insaniah ni bukan saja telah melaksanakan tanggungjawab mereka malah lebih dari itu. JAIS hanya mampu membayar guru2 ini bagi satu sesi pengajaran, sedangkan ada guru, spt Ustazah Zainah, yg mengajar dua sesi. Ada guru yg langsung tak dpt dibayar.

JAIS mengharapkan perbelanjaan sekolah dpt ditampung oleh yuran sekolah. Ya, secara teorinya takda masalah, kerana kebanyakan sekolah KAFA di Lembang Klang ni lokasinya di kawasan perumahan mereka yg berpendapatan sederhana atau agak berada. Jadi ramai yg mampu yuran RM20 sebulan.

Namun KAFA Al-Insaniah dibina di tgh2 kawasan PPRT. Kebanyakan keluarga yg tinggal di sini masing2 penerima zakat. Hampir separuh kanak2 yg ke sekolah itu juga dari keluarga penerima zakat, jadi tau2 sajalah tahap keperitan hidup mereka.

“Bagaimanalah kami sampai hati nak mintak budak2 ni yuran sekolah?” kata Ustazah Hawa. “Masa mula2 tu, kerana ramai yg tak bayar, kami mintak, tulis surat kat ibubapa. Lepastu, ramai yg tak dtg sekolah. Kami ingat takpalah, mari balik, tak payah bayar, asalkan dpt teruskan belajar.”

Guru2 ini sanggup menerima potongan gaji semata2 agar sekolah ini terus beroperasi. Gaji mereka kira2 RM1,200. Itu pun baru2 ini dinaikkan kerajaan. Sebelum ini, RM1,000 ke bawah. Lagi menambahkan asam ke luka, baru2 ini sekolah itu dipecah masuk. Habis yuran, komputer dgn data pelajar dan wang sumbangan dari jualan amal disapu. Dapur kantin juga dipecah masuk dan makanan dicuri. Penutup longkang dan pelbagai lagi barangan besi dan logam dicuri, membahayakan anak2 yg bermain di waktu rehat. Pagar dipotong, siling dipecahkan, memudahkan lagi pencuri keluar masuk. Guru2 ini mati kutu bagaimana nak terus beroperasi bila berhadapan dgn cabaran sebegini besar.

Setiap ringgit yg disumbang ke KAFA Integrasi Al-Insaniah dapat megenyangkan seorang pelajar, menggalakkan mereka ke sekolah, membantu mereka merubah kehidupan. Setiap ringgit membawa bersamanya harapan, membasmi kemiskinan, menggalakkan org lain beramal.

Tiada sumbangan yg terlalu kecil. Setiap sumbangan adalah amal baik yg berterusan faedah dan pahalanya.

Aishah r.a. berkata Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda: “Amalan yang paling disukai Rasulullah SAW ialah yang kekal (istiqamah) sekalipun sedikit.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Just to share. Just to help. Hopefully our effort can ease someone's burden. Hopefully our effort will be recognized by Allah later on. What He thinks of us matters most. Period.

Sumbangan boleh dimasukkan ke akaun berikut:


MBB account - 164388710655


Sila tulis 'For KAFA' di kotak komen dan email .


Account number 1-12479-00092090


Sila tulis 'For KAFA' di kotak komen dan .

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Acc no: 12047010031372

Atau hubungi

Guru Besar Ustazah Siti Hawa 0139180191

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

hair cut

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Both of my anak dara is due for a hair cut. :)

*This pics was taken in the morning before going to office, so Nadrah is a bit moody - baru bgn. Iffah on the other hand happy sbb dah nenen :)

And after photo session, Iffah mandi and belum sempat pakai baju dia dah pi main taman! Well, she's the fastest in among the siblings yang boleh merangkak laju. She can now stands on her own (for few seconds la :)

sensored ke? haha