Friday, May 29, 2009

Help! Nose outlet

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I need help! Sapa tau kat mana lagi ade Nose shoes outlet apart from Midval. Yang aku tau ada satu kat KLCC tapi jauh la.. nearer to the office kalu bleh. Reason being, today i went merewang to Mid Valley after post natal check up dgn doc Idora tadi, and i fell in love with this beautiful sandal at Nose, tp malangnya takde saiz.... uwaaaaa......

So sapa2 yang tau kat mana lagi ade outlet Nose sila la habaq kat saya... saya mengidam sandal... huhu.... lupa plak nak snap gambar sandal tu.. :)

By the way, saiz kaki saya dah membesar laa... dulu pakai saiz 5, skrg dah siza 6. My sister said mmg lepas beranak saiz kasut bertambah.. betoi ka?..hmm...

Friday, May 22, 2009

home sweet home

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Dah lama tak update blog. The reason being is my laptop tak sebest laptop mama and kitaorg tak jmpa CD nak install balik our wireless kalu nak online kena melekat kat tepi line tipun.. tu yang tak syiok tu.

Anyway, I really like being at my own home... :) lain kan duk rumah sendiri compared to duk rumah org lain... bukan tak best duk rumah mama... besstt!! tapi duk rumah sendiri lagi syiok.. hehe... :)

Now, alhamdulillah rezeki murah sedikit coz of jual saham TM, so we decided to upgrade our gate. The old gate was a disaster coz it was hit by the pakcik lori sampah..grrr!!... sapa2 yang pernah tgk gate lama aku paham la betapa buruknya pagar lama tu..senget benget... terlupa plak nak snap picture pagar lama tu.... the upgrading is still in progress, we figure while i am still on maternity leave, i would be at home to watch over contractors doing their job. But the cost is way over our budget... terpaksa top up guna duit gaji.. so next month kitaorg sengkek la...

*Khas buat Sally, nie la salah satu sebab kenapa aku selalu sengkek... selalu buat menda2 tersilap budget..huhu..*

I will be back to work on 1st June, terkena plak hari isnin, so persoalannya sekarang, kena pakai tudung TM ke on my first day back to work?? huhu... Fyi to those who does not work with TM, every monday, TM execs need to wear special scarf, i am not very sure of the purpose or why it is that my GM is very concern for us to adhere to this rule (i don't think other dept is so into this TM scarf thing), but to avoid being label "derhaka" sometimes i do wear the scarf. And to add to the tendancy utk derhaka; the scarf is not very appealing, orange in color and made of silk (nipis and susah nak bentuk!).

Oklah, nanti if i remember i will snap a picture of me wearing the scarf and how my collegue cheats into wearing this scarf :)

and this time, i've prepared EBM stock since Nadrah was 3 days old. So stock alhamdulillah la memberangsangkan. However, due to freezer capacity problem, dah 2 minggu kot all my EBM is being consume by Muaz... hehe.. luckily my baby boy nie mmg jenis pasrah, so dia layan je la EBM or formula milk, janji dapat susu, kan Muaz? :)

Now as usual, some pictures of the growing siblings :)

ini ialah Muaz trying to find ways to get to his little sister.

look likes Nadrah is smiling, right? tapi sebenarnya ini ialah gambar Nadrah tgh meneran bebes a.k.a berak. ahaha...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Can't wait for tomorrow to come..

Assalamualaikum wbt..

It is approximately 16 hours before we(me and the children) see our beloved hubby a.k.a abah, insyaAllah. Tak sabar rasanya..huhu...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there.. This year's mother's day i am fortunate to celebrate it with my mother. We bought her a cake and a bluse, then i kind of paksa my sister to pay for another blouse for mama's mother's day..ahaha.. and by the way, we means my little sister and me.

Yang shioknye, i drove to pasar mlm pantai timur (which ada tiap2 hari) to buy those gifts...and at the time i am still in my confinement period... 38 days.. alaa.. kira cincai la.. sikit lagi nak grad dr confinement..hehe..

Align Left

kek tiramisu from Muhibbah Cake House... besttttt!!!
by the way, for your guys info, kelantanese confinement is 41 or 43 days only.. so.. apa lagi.. kiranya today aku dah abih pantang la..since today i am 41 days already... hehe.. yahuuu.. ambo doh merdeka! :D

this is the latest picture of my chubbier by the day baby! :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Another 1 week..


I'm going to be in KB for another 1 week.. then balik KL.. yeaa... dah rindu sgt kat rumah sendiri, :) tapi sedikit suspen mengenangkan camno la kitaorg nak handle a baby and an active toddler..and the fact that both me and hubby really likes to sleep adds challenge to the task. ahaha.. so, wish us luck guys! huhu..

hmm.. yesterday i received a very-very sad news.. it's a family matter and the news do effect me deeply. I do hope our family ties will still be strong as before this news happens... I do believe everythings that happens do have Hikmah disebaliknya, so... hopefully we can see the silver linings underneath these 'chaos'. Qada & Qadar semuanya di tangan Allah, kan? Hopefully hamba-hambaNya nie beroleh kesabaran dan ketenangan selalu.. ameen.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Ala...aku terupload new layout before doing a back up of my old layout.. abih hilang url blog member2.. huhu..

korang, kalu rajin, tinggal la url blog korang @ the comment ek. tq :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

1 month old!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

My Nadrah is already 1 month old yesterday! Can you believe how time flies.. hehe... i really look forward to next tuesday coz on that day Nadrah is 41 days which means... AIR SEJUK is no longer off limits for me! yeahaa..

This is the picture of nadrah on her 1st month besday :)

and this is the picture of nadrah right after her 1 month injection.. nampak cam muka tak puas hati kan? hehe..

Now, i don't know why i have to upload the below picture actually.. but I am introducing Nadrah and Muaz current nanny...

adik bongsu gue..
nie gambar dia tgh try head band nak beli utk Nadrah..

and the other nannies.. tok wan and wan.. :)