Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another thing we gonna miss

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Rumah skarang dkt dgn playground. Eventhough we seldom went there, but its comforting to know that its near and easy access. among other things we going to miss nanti.

Muaz jatuh and hurt his hand. His showing to me where it hurts :)

queing to slide

tp nadrah lambat slide, so, collided la :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

water filter

Assalamualaikum wbt,

On behalf of my brother and sister in law - sapa2 nak beli water filter blh la contact depa

Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System

Complete Solution for Your Needs

Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System combines the scientific innovation inside it.

With Nano, the water system cleans, alkalize and provide energy to the drinking water.

Special characteristic of Bio Aura:

Simple modeling, convenient for demolition and installation

Easy installation

Filter cover with different color

Bigger filter

Recognized quality

Applicable for use in: house, office, factory and food store

Effectiveness of Nano in Bio Aura Hi-Tech Water System:

Effective water filtration system, increases oxygen content of water, provides better absorption of nutrients

Rich in mineral and nutrients, helps to maintain slightly alkaline human body

Stimulates metabolism and promotes blood circulation

Maintain smooth and beautiful skin and the freshness of food.



Generally Rx-Water improves health and helps cure illnesses because,

It was proven to restore aura immediately and gives long term wellness.
Discovered and created by Dr. Noordin Darus, who was stuck by blood cancer.
Consumers proved a therapeutic effect and a lot of uses.
Helps maintain body metabolisms.
Improved body’s homeostasis.
Improved blood flow.
Increases antibody’s functions and natural healing.
Increases energy level as a result from high oxygen level in cells.
Helps against stress and keeps body youngness.
Expedites healing injuries.
Supported by Well for Life program.
A bit alkali (SIRIM analysis, pH 7.6) to absorb acids which produced after metabolisms.
Contains antioxidant to prevent cancer.
Easier to be absorbed by our body.
High level of dissolved oxygen in filtrate water.
It has the best of water character and able to ‘memorize’ information very well. Proven!!
Ability to heal illnesses by ‘aura’ producing which stimulate body metabolism.
Helps increase memory, mathematics.
Cost effective (Lower price compared to gratified value that you will get. No installation fee or other addition charge).

Rx-Water has no extra filter. Extra filter or a filter without expiry date may cause the filter to become a breeding place for microorganism colony.

personally, i am using RX water and i like it - easy to maintain and no prob so far - dah 3-4 thn.
So, anyone in need of a water filter, pls call my sister in law.. k ann @ 013-3625652

Tag from CCK

I think this is my 2nd tag kot. Biasanya tak sempat nak buat tag org, but today i am in a good mood and hence the "all can do" attitude. So, kalau sapa2 nak minta saya tolong apa2, ask me today! :)

What will u do if u know that your friend has been back stabbing u ?

uhhh, i have this experience. Err... fitnah sama tak dgn back stabbing? to be honest, i don't really care what people say about me, lebih2 lagi if the story is not true. So, i would probably say "whatever", next.

6 people in your heart?
Suheimy md yusof, Muaz, Nadrah, mama, mak, and my other siblings

Do u think u're cute?
err.. no! but i do hope suheimy thinks i'm cute :")

Single or taken?

Blog(s) that u like?
i like all my Blogs list!

Do u clean your room everyday?
room? no. toilet? yes!

The last song u listened to?
Ya Rasullullah, raihan. hehe.. hajar ko jgn terperanjat plak, aku mmg skema :)

Last text message?
"yang, tak pegi gym, sally paksa ija teman dia makan, huhu"

Last phone call?
my sister kak da, gossiping about family matters

Last day u cried?
during my exam last month.

List down 5 of your favorite colours?
purple, pink, purle lagi, pink lagi

The last people chat with u in YM?
err.. dah tak guna YM sejak2 dah ade UNME (TM version of YM)

Your favorite game?
main tido2 :)

Are u a fan o MCR?
same Q as hajar...
* MCR tu apa kak awie?

What do u feel when u answering this tag?
best jugak layan tag nie :)

Do u think this tag interesting?

Now, tag 10 of your frens
err..adik raudhah, CT, Ila... & sapa2 yang nak jawab, sila2

Monday, May 24, 2010


Assalamualaikum wbt,

Last weekend was relaxing.. in a way. Well, i guess when you have 2 small toddlers, any weekend won't be very relaxing :)

Anyway, on sunday we managed to cut the kids hair... hehe.. jimat RM30.

Mula2, nadrah potong dulu sbb muaz takut! we were like " Tgk, adik potong rambut atas keter!"

Nadrah mmg cool je time potong rambut nie.

Then i took out the bath tub, "Sapa potong rambut boleh mandi kolam!"

Baru la my macho boy agree to cut his hair.. :)

And as promised, dah potong rambut blh mandi kolam

Well, it is always fun playing with the kids. Alhamdulillah, syukur sgt ade muaz n nadrah.

Please don't take your kids for granted, there are many people who are still struggling to have kids.
* emo sekejap since byk sgt kes buang bayi lately.. huhu..*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


assalamualaikum wbt,

I thought after submitting my 1st draft thesis, life would be a bit calmer. but i was wrong. Apparently it only took them 2 days to review the thesis. Now i need to make minor adjustment, print, get back supervisor's signature and re submit by next friday.

+ my current lectures have started and this new lecturer , we call he Dr LP is a very 'rajin' gal. huhu... When the teacher is rajin, thus the student needs to be rajin too.

+ this month, all my carriers are efficient, everybody is replying my emails, hence a lot of work need to be done

anyway... we did manage to launch a new online store with my girlfriend ms CT... so another round of iklan for our new store: do visit bunny n teddy. New stocks are coming in tomorrow and early next week.

Plus, if you have items that you wish we would sell, do inform us! we like to receive feedback and comments :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

our new online shop!!

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah, we have manage to upload the items for sale in our online shop. For opening promo, we are giving customer's special price when you buy 2 items.

do visit bunny n teddy store now! click here.

thanks for your support.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Al fatihah

Assalamualaikum wbt,

One of my office mate passed away yesterday morning at age 54, succumbed to his long illness. En Hamidi Isa. He was a good guy. a quiet person, very soft spoken, and likes to "usik" us.

Al-fatihah to him.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

j-card day! :D

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I am ecstatic and full of adrenalin. Why? because of...............

J CARD Members Day at JUSCO Mid Valley

From Wednesday, 5th May 2010 - Thursday, 6th May 2010

hehe... i''ve been postponing things that i want to buy to wait for j-card day..

So my shopping list is ready

My shopping gear is in

err.. my shopping money is yet to be drawn, or to put it correctly, yet to be given by en hubby yang baik hati, ensem, macho..etc..etc