Thursday, February 24, 2011

On new addition to our family...

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Alhamdulillah, i have safely delivered Nur Amni Iffah bt Suheimy on 16th Feb 2011.

Sorry for the late update sayang..


10th Feb (Thursday)

I got contraction every 10 mins from 2 am. Called my MIL at 3.30 am and then we went to PMC Bangsar. But the contraction stop as soon as we reached labor ward. False alarm! sabo je la.

Anyway, my mother got worried so she flew to KL immediately in the morning.


nothing happens until 14th Feb (Monday) which was my 39 weeks check up.

saw my gyne and she said the baby is fully engaged but my cervix is not yet dilated. My mom termenung mengenangkan how long she needs to be in KL since abah is left alone at KB.

So the good doctor gave us 2 option : 1. to induce on tomorrow nite or 2. wait for 40 weeks and if no contraction, induce then.

So we picked option 1 obviously.

16th Feb (Wednesday):

12:01 am : Dispite the doctor told us to be at the hosp on 10pm, we arrived at 12 midnite due to the two kids does not want to sleep, kesian plak my mother handle depa sorang2.

01:00 am: Midwife insert the induce tablet into my VJJ.

04:00 am: Start mild contraction

04:30 am: The contraction getting a bit stronger so i asked for injection

05:00 am: I feel like pushing so called for the nurse, she checked and i was at 4cm. She asked me to lay on my side and do not push!

05:30 am: Still at 4 cm

06:00 am: already 6 cm. I heard a baby cried so i know that Dr Idora is already at the hosp since she got 3 patients induce on the same day today. So i told suheimy, i'll give the doctor about 30 mins to finish sewing up that patient and hopefully then she can come to my aid.

06:40 am: Dr Idora came in and i told her i felt like pushing. She checked and i was at 9 cm. So she calmly smile and said : Fariza, you can start pushing now if you want.

so i push



and believe me, i push very2 hard. but Iffah just wont come out.


07:05 am: She has arrived and immediately make a statement by crying her lung out! Alhamdulillah.

I've got the picture in my camera but can't transfer it to laptop now. sabo je la. Managed to get and edit the picture. so this is literally fresh from the oven picture of Iffah, baru je lepas potong tali pusat dia:

Suheimy cut the umbilical cord and followed Iffah outside to make sure they got the tag on the right baby (he does this with each of our kids).

and now, introducing another "ketenanganku" (Amni) in our family:


credit to KC from littlebigshots photography. Photo taken of Iffah @ 8 days old.