Thursday, September 22, 2005


Today, i would like to talk about Istiqamah. What is istiqamah? The direct translation of Istiqamah is preseverance, berterusan, tak putus-putus, tanpa mengalah.

And of course the most important thing that we need to Istiqamah is Beriman pada Allah, pada yang Hak. And, quoting from current scenarios, life scenarios, there are a lot of things that we istiqamah, whether we realize it or not. We istiqamah to always love our family regardless of their mistakes, istiqamah in trying to come to work everyday regardless of how lazy we felt, istiqamah in trying to complete our prayer -5 times/day regardless of how busy we are, istiqamah in maintaining our ideal health regardless of how tempting oily, fat-full foods are etc..etc..

We have been doing istiqamah since forever.. So why is it so hard to Istiqamah in our iman? Why does people always associate maintaining faith is hard work. Ok, picture this, it is your Husband's birthday, and you plan to give him a surprise party, and buy him a gift that you know he always, always wanted. Can you imagine what is your feeling while trying to put the surprise party together? isn't exciting? you couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he opens up his gift, just thinking about it makes you smile, makes your adrenalin rush.. makes you want the celebration day to come faster. You would sit down and look at his gift that u've bought, thinking how happy he would be and it does make you feel happy too, isn't?

Same goes for our Iman, the day will definitely come when we will be judge in front of our most Beloved Allah, shouldn't we do something so that we will makes Allah happy? Shouldn't we give our best to see Him welcome us with open arms? Isn't exciting to think of the day that you will finally meet Allah the Almighty? Don't we want to give him the present he Always wanted - untuk hambaNya menyembahnya, mengagungkanNya, meminta hanya padaNya, berharap hanya denganNya... plus we have nothing to loose but everything to gain. It is a one way profitable business deals and the profit goes to us!

Now, think again, is it that hard? or is it just exciting?

*This is solely my personal view and thinking. You are welcome to comment. Tq