Thursday, August 09, 2012

Family Get-away! :)

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Suheimy had to attend worksyop or something at PD - Rabu till Jumaat, so alang2 suheimy ke PD, we've decided to bring the kids to Grand Lexis, PD.

I dont know why i think i can managed to bring the 3 kids along to seremban... where Suheimy will pick us up on Friday... haih.. will not repeat the same scenarios again!

Since Suheimy drive to PD, so takkan nak ada 2 kereta kat sana kan.. maka we opt for public transport.

We choose keretapi since the kids loooveee train ride (by the kids, i mean Muaz).

From our house at BK2, i called teksi. Our train is schedule at 2 pm, but teksi only comes at 1.45pm. I was in panic mode already.

We managed to arrive at 2.01pm and guess what, the train delayed till nearly 3pm. cet!

Ni gambar awal2 je... after that i dah tak larat nak jawab soalan "kenapa kapi (keretapi) tak sampai lagi?"  But alhamdulillah... akhirnya kapi sampai jugak...

Mula2 excited... but i think after abt 10 mins, Iffah & Nadrah dah tertido..

Leaving me with the restless Muaz yang asyik tanya "bila nak sampai hotel, Muaz nak swimming..."  , i already explained to him that we are going to transit @ Tok su's house, nanti abah amik kat rumah Tok su.. and then he cried.. huhuhu..

Anyway, once dah sampai rumah Tok su yang sangat ramai rakan sebaya Muaz tu.. they forgot about going for a holiday pun.. ahhahaha

kak cik @ yaya panjat pokok mata kucing

Love this picture of Nadrah! :) Gambar Muaz takde, can't get him to sit still!

Suheimy ends up sampai to pick us up at 7pm! In the car, muaz started crying again because "dah malam, kolam bukak lagi tak??"... well, to be continued! :)

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