Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The tale of the Pole Dancers

Assalamualaikum wbt,

This is the tale of  2 sisters. Both super cute, and manja and paling gorgeous in the whole wide world (to their mama's eyes :)

Their favourite activity is to complements each other... or is it to compete with each other?!

One thing that they are good at is POLE DANCING. By pole, i mean tiang Buai ye... :)

Well, tak percaya? Look at the sisters in action...

Mula2 Iffah waas trying on her own..

Then kakak Nadrah comes and give a few tips...

after that teruihhh jadi HEBAT

Individual Action

Duet Action

Then Iffah gets restless and wants to switch pole...

End up..

What happen to Iffah? Dah la conquer tiang kakak Nadrah...

                                   marah Nadrah plak tu.. haih...

Well soon after that they played together again. But trust me, these scenarios keep looping in.  :)

Abg Muaz? well, same scenarios jugak..

Either kusyuk tgk tv or kusyuk main ipad.

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